Our Company: Energetic, Enthusiastic, and Always Ready

Author Ian Voigts
Date February 29, 2024

VPL, born out of a necessity for Visual Pak, attracts hard-working, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic people. Our dedicated teams are driven to find the right solution, leaning on the expertise of their teammates and industry resources. No matter what the challenge, they will find a solution.

Our mission is to provide an elite transportation experience for our customers and through our dedicated teams, you’ll be able dig in and focus on always improving VPL’s relationships. We lean into our “whatever it takes” mindset, which leads to unique and creative ideas on top of our tried-and-true solutions we have employed for over 13 years now.

We have seen that no other aspect of our company attributes to our continuous growth than our trusted team members. Autonomy is not just a buzzword for our leaders. It is a lived trait that opens the door for every team member to be involved in providing solutions to our customers. With that autonomy, you show up to get sh*t done.

Speaking of getting sh*t done, that is one of our core values.

Our core values have been developed over the years through continuous improvement. Each one speaks not only to our team members but our customers as well:

Core Values

  1. We love customers – At VPL, customer service is an obsession. We look for ways to connect on a personal level with each customer we have.
  2. We are glass half full thinkers – There is always a solution. Whether traditional or unconventional, we meet your challenges head on.
  3. We are roller coaster people – Logistics is an up and down industry, following market trends. With that, we look for people who embrace the down times, always working to improve the situation.
  4. Get sh*t done – Results matter. No excuses!
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work – We truly embrace our dedicated team structure, putting like-minded people together for consistency and bringing in different thinkers when needed.
  6. Do the right thing – Integrity in the logistics industry varies. We believe in having the utmost highest character, day in and day out.

We have a number of roles that we are continuously looking to fill as we continue to grow: business development and marketing, customer service and account management, sales, technology, accounting and finance, and lastly people operations and recruiting. While not every role is available always, we look for driven and dedicated people to add to the team.

Lastly, we enjoy time with each other. On a regular basis, we find evenings and lunchtimes to invest in getting to know each other and building trust. While you don’t have to be the most social person, we love active people who share their lives.

At VPL, “We’ve Got It from Here” is what we lead with. Every customer, every team member, and every shipment matters.

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