Drayage sounds complicated, because it is.

Some refer to drayage as “the first mile.” But we like call it “the make-it-or-break-it mile.” That’s because what you do here often determines the success of your entire supply chain.

What is drayage?

Putting it simply, drayage is much more than just the first mile. It’s the movement of your product through a complex matrix of ports and inland rail ramps with obstacles everywhere. This short but mighty leg of the multimodal journey is riddled with congestion, equipment shortages, and inefficiencies that make success difficult to achieve. Our expertise guides you along the way.

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A 3PL drayage expert you can trust provides these essentials:

A Reliable Shipping Network
Shippers need options. Each segment of the freight lifecycle brings its own set of challenges. VPL knows the rules of the game and the right players at the ports and railroads to get the job done. Our strong relationships start here, where they matter most.

Advanced Transportation Technology
We believe the best technology provides transparency and efficiency. VPL invests heavily in mode specific technology that provides real value and savings to our customers. GPS tracking and other automated processes provided on all deliveries, ensure that your shipment is delivered on time

Shifting Resources
A diversified and nimble fleet is required to keep the supply chain rolling. VPL anticipates challenges all day long. Being prepared for different scenarios helps us put the right resources in the right place at the right time to get the job done right.


Better, faster, stronger–together.

The best drayage partnerships come down to experience, high touch support, and leading-edge technology. VPL is a full service 3PL provider that brings all this together in a single solution.

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A Dedicated Team

With our Team Driven Approach, your freight is handled by the same people who are familiar with your unique requirements. This approach gives us the ability to offer solutions that meet your specific needs. Just fill out the form below to begin talking to your dedicated expert.

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