Expedited: efficient, consistent, timely

Within 10 minutes, the VPL expedited shipping process is underway. Your project is in good hands and our Team leads the way.

Your Expedited Team

We believe in maintaining a clear line of communication with our process driven approach, so nothing gets missed. Our experienced team provides quick, efficient and accurate details, giving you peace of mind that we won’t rest until the delivery is complete.

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Your trusted expedited logistics expert provides these essentials:

Established Relationships
We know our customers and our local relationship carriers. These long-standing relationships, coupled with our local knowledge are key in managing your logistical needs. As challenges arise, we are in constant communication with our drivers, providing you up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Advanced Transportation Technology
We believe the best technology provides transparency and efficiency. VPL invests heavily in mode specific technology that provides real value and savings to our customers. GPS tracking and other automated processes provided on all deliveries, ensure that your shipment is delivered on time and all photography and delivery paperwork is in your hands many times before the truck leaves the dock.



  • Quotes are provided within 10 minutes
  • Utlizing email subject lines for shipment reference numbers
  • Instant GPS tracking on all shipments
  • Confirmation pictures of loaded and secure freight
  • Key delivery information sent within 15 minutes

or call (866) 791-0382

A Dedicated Team

With our Team Driven Approach, your freight is handled by the same people who are familiar with your unique requirements. This approach gives us the ability to offer solutions that meet your specific needs. Just fill out the form below to begin talking to your dedicated expert.

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