Expedited Services–How fast do you need delivery?

Abundantly obvious is the fact that efficiency is key. To many of the smaller, one-man brokerages, efficiency ends at delivering loads on time. There are many more considerations that ensure your delivery is handled properly. Whether you are shipping essential medical supplies, moving e-commerce products, or handling oversized manufacturing equipment efficiency requires attention to detail, consistent communication, and yes, on-time pick and delivery. This is where VPL’s expedited services play a crucial role in ensuring your supply chain moves efficiently and smoothly.

With VPL as your expedited brokers, our solutions offer time-sensitive deliveries that prioritize communication, technology, and safety measures. To give you the peace of mind, we have dedicated teams to handle your delivery. Whether communicating with our dispatch team or drivers, you will know exactly where your product is each phase of the delivery.

Our Q.U.I.C.K process sets you up for successful deliveries time and time again. Quotes are provided within 10 minutes of your request with the industry’s leading pricing models. Your confirmation is sent through email with reference numbers in the subject line for easy accessibility. As mentioned before, we utilize GPS tracking to ensure your timely updates regarding your products location. Confirmation pictures upon pick and delivery are provided by every driver and key updates are provided every 15 minutes.

Communication, for VPL, is vital.

Our expert 24/7 team has years of experience making the impossible happen.  With an unmatched national expedited network including dry van, sprinter van, straight truck, refrigerated, flat bed as well as other specialty options, we have what it takes to deliver an Elite level of service.

Furthermore, expedited services offer flexibility in terms of transportation modes, ranging from air freight to ground transportation. This versatility allows you, as the shipper, to tailor your shipping strategy to meet specific requirements, whether it’s delivering perishable goods or transporting oversized equipment.

Peace of mind for our customer is the most important aspect of expedited services. We put the extra effort into vetting our drivers to ensure their process meets our expectations, providing you with the most important information as soon as possible. You can trust that we’ve got it from here.

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